that was so awesome!

Let me tell you how it all works out

I never thought we had so much time to lose

[Eighteenth Note] : [Audio. Various Locks.]
peace out... ?
[Locked from Greg]

Greg's birthday is on the 5th. Just a heads up for anyone who wants to get him something. Or drag him away from work. Just do somethin' for the guy. He deserves it.


[Locked from Faith]

So. Engagement ring. Who wants to help me look for a good one? Or at least give me a good idea of what to get.

Cause, yeah... me? No good at this stuff.


[Seventeenth Note]: [Locked from Hostiles, filtered to DATS, Hyperion, Family, Friends] [Aug 17th]
hold in the hurt
[Audio clicks on to a short silence before Nick lets out a drawn out sigh and starts speaking.]

Yesterday, Eikichi Onizuka and Duo Maxwell were attacked by the Bloodclan. According to Duo, Scourge the cat had every intent of murdering Onizuka, and very nearly succeeded. They were rescued by Lance, Dist and Jade, but not before dealing severe damage to both of them.

Both are currently in the hospital, Duo is stable and recovering, but Onizuka is...

[Nick trails off in to an uncertain, worried pause]

Onizuka had an undiagnosed aneurysm. It ruptured during the fight. He went through surgery but is still in critical condition.

He's not awake. The doctors... don't know if he's even going to wake up again.

All of this took place just minutes before him and Haku Yowane were supposed to be wed at the Hyperion. At the moment, it's probably best if people don't try to contact her. She's... well, 'in shock' is probably the best way to describe it. She's been mostly verbally unresponsive since it happened.

I know to a lot of you this is upsetting. I know the Bloodclan has been causing trouble for tamers in Neon and Junk City. Onizuka was trying to stop them, and what happened last night was very obviously revenge. Whatever happens... do not take this as incentive to go after them. We do not need any more casualties after what happened.

When the time comes we'll find a way to deal with them.

Right now... we're facing a very dark point in our short history as a family here. There are now two of our own in uncertain conditions. If anything needs to happen, its supporting one another through this. And hope that some how we'll all come out alright on the other side.

[Another pause, as if he's wanting to say more, but eventually the comm just shuts off]

[Sixteenth Note]: [Accidental Audio] [Backdate: sometime last night]
[The comm comes on to a rather loud crash and a slightly strangled cry. Something broke in the commotion, but for a few seconds the only sound is heavy, labored breathing.

Eventually Nick calms down from whatever woke him, just in time for Cassie to come in.]

Nicky... ?

... I'm okay, Cassie.

B-but... your hand is bleeding...

Damn... I think I hit the glass on my bed stand... get the light would ya?


[The light clicks on, and Nick sighs. Of course it's audio and no one can actually see, but there's a glass shattered on the carpet, and water sprayed everywhere.]


Nicky... what happened?

It's... don't worry about it, kiddo. Just a bad dream.

O-oh... ... your comm fell down. Here.

[shuffling, and the comm turns off]

[Fifteenth Note]: [Locked from Hostiles, directed at Faith]
((OOC: Nick is a derp and should have locked this to her. :3))

So uh...

Faith. Um...

I don't have any plans or anything...

Wanna come over?

[Fourteenth Note]: [Accidental Audio]
[the comm clicks on to a clatter and a rather loud swear from Nick, followed by the rustling of papers.]

Nicky Nickyyyy!

[sounding rather annoyed] Cassie, where have you been all day?

... at the hospital with Greggy. ... are you mad at me?

[long pause, then a sigh] No. Just help me pick these up, okay?

Okay! [rustling as they go to pick up whatever dropped] Are these all pictures from the attacks?

Yeah. Not gettin' me anywhere, though. The whole damn thing is a mess of random and confusion. No one knows what the hell is going on.

Oh... You'll figure it out, Nicky! You're smart! Super smart!

I wish I could believe you, Cassie...

Mm... here's your comm...


[Thirteenth Note]: [Locked to Vent]
hold in the hurt
Hey, Vent. I heard about what's goin' on. I can come lend a hand if you need it.

[Twelfth Note]: [Video]
mhm sure
[Nick, Greg and Haku are all in the Hyperion's main lobby, lounging on various chairs and couches. There are several boxes strewn around, Haku has some how gotten red tinsel wrapped in her hair, and she also happens to be sleeping. There's decorations hung all over and it's obvious they've been at this endeavor for quite a while. But it really does look beautiful.

Gaku comes in and hands both Nick and Greg something wrapped in orange foil, though he keeps one for himself and sets another one near Haku.]

What's this?

Chocolate orange. Lorne was giving them out.


[Greg starts to open his, but Nick just looks at his and smirks.]

Hey. Greggo. Com'ere.

[Nick motions for Greg to lean over, which he unthinkingly does. Nick's smirk turns in to a grin, and he promptly thwacks the orange on Greg's forehead. He yells out and flails, falling off the chair and waking Haku up with a start. Gaku starts laughing, and Nick unwraps his orange to find it perfectly sectioned.]

Hah! Greg does have a hard head!

Ow! Geez!

Sorry, Greg. I believe you've just been pwned by chocolate...

[Haku, Nick, and Gaku all laugh. Greg gets up, grabs his orange, and leers at Nick.]

.. oh no you don't.

[Nick bolts from his chair, followed closely by Greg. Haku and Gaku keep laughing at them. Oh holiday cheer <3]

[Tenth Note]: [Locked from Hostiles]
[Locked to Vent]

Hey, Greg told me that you were the guy to talk to about applying for DATS.


[Locked from Greg, to Vocaloid + Family, Greg's friends]

Who here thinks Greggo needs to seriously unwind? I suggest something with beer and a really long night in the bar.


[Ninth Note]: [Locked from Hostiles]
Huh. ... I won that raffle thing.


[Eighth Note]: [Locked to Melinda/ScreamQueen]
that was so awesome!
Hey... Melinda...

You don't have to tell me where you're at, but... let me know you're alright, 'kay?


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